Paradigm Shift in
Renewable Energy Solutions

Remote Communities Are Depending on Diesel and Other Fossile Fuels to Generate Energy, Alterner Provides a Circular Renewable Solution

GHG Emission

Why Renewables?

  • Canada’s target for 2030 GHG emission is 511Mt
  • In 2019, Canada’s GHG emission was at 730Mt
  • There is a need for extra measures to reduce GHG
  • Energy production is the main source of GHG

Costly Solution

Slow Adoption

  • Renewables require a high upfront cost
  • Not all renewables are feasible everywhere 
  • Renewables produce a large amount of waste
  • Renewables Require maintenance 

Circular Solution

Our objective is to enable circularity in renewable energy

Artificial Intelligence

We optimize renewable energy adoption with the power of AI

Remote Communities

Our solution focuses on remote communities dependent on diesel


We provide feasibility analysis encompassing financial, environmental and social factors

Improving Energy Reliability

reliable Energy for Remote Communities

Remote communities need reliable and permanent energy solutions. 

Carbon pricing is now in effect across canada

The price of fossil fuel is increasing to include the Carbon Tax, what is your plan to benefit from the  Climate Action Incentive?

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Mahta Davoudi


Shahin Faridin


Reza Zamanpour


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About Us

We are a team of architects, engineers and mangers with 50+ years of combined experience.


Renewable and reliable energy resources in remote communities.


A platform that enables feasibility analysis, monitoring and circular strategies for renewable adoption.

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